Body Parts

Center Pillar

Center PillarOne of two support posts that connect a vehicle’s roof to its body at the rear of the front door. The Center Pillar (also known as a B-Pillar) is positioned between the front and rear door opening on a four-door vehicle. Center Pillars are usually equipped with a rear door holding mechanism and a front door locking mechanism. To improve occupant safety during side-impact collisions various energy absorption technologies are incorporated into the structure of Toyotetsu’s Center Pillars.

Front Pillar

Front PillarOne of two support posts that are positioned on either side of the windshield of a vehicle and connect the roof to the body. The Front Pillar (also known as an A-Pillar) supports the windshield glass and front door areas. The Front Pillar plays an important role for crash safety and is made out of super high-tensile strength material.

Lower Back

Lower BackLocated at the rear of body near the opening of the baggage section where the rear bumper attaches

Radiator Support

Radiator SupportThis assembly forms a structure which helps support overall body strength and rigidity. It also functions to support the radiator, headlamps, and condenser module.

Rocker Panel

Rocker PanelOne of two reinforcement parts used to construct the left and right side openings of a vehicle. The Rocker Panel is made of high-tensile strength material and is crush resistant.

Crush Box

Crush BoxShock absorbing member located at the front and rear frame.
In case of collision, this component alone will deform to absorb the collision energy.