Functional Parts

Brake Pedal

Brake PedalThe brake pedal is a very important product to convey the driver’s intention to stop the car. As a safety performance improving component, the role of the brake pedal is getting larger. Among our original developments for brake performance improvement are double-link type brake pedal, brake pedal with a pedal pressure sensor, etc.

Clutch Pedal

Clutch PedalUsed on vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, clutch pedals are used to engage and disengage the transmission. Toyotetsu has simplified and improved clutch pedal design by attaching a “turnover spring” to reduce the force necessary to operate the pedal, and we developed a plastic resin clutch pedal for the first time in Japan in order to reduce mass.

Hood Lock

Hood LockAlso known as a hood latch, this part is a hand-operated open/close lever and is manufactured using several components and requiring very precise assembly accuracy.

Parking Brake Lever

Parking Brake LeverThis is a manual parking brake lever which is usually operated by hand. Although many vehicles use foot operated parking brake mechanisms, hand-lever type parking brakes remain a very popular option.