Tailor-Welded Blanks


Toyotetsu’s Tailor Welded Blanks are made from individual steel sheets of different thickness, strength and coating which are joined together by laser welding. These tailor-made products ensure that the finished part features the right material in the right place. A key advantage is weight reduction. In addition, the structural and crash performance of the vehicle body is improved: thicker or higher-strength materials can be used in highly stressed areas, while thinner sheets or deep-drawing grades can be used in other areas.

This targeted approach to tailor materials further reduces costs. More expensive materials are only used where they are needed. This allows a flexible part design that fully optimizes the material properties available.

The use of tailored solutions eliminates the need for additional reinforcements and overlapping joints in the body; saving material, eliminating operations, and further reducing total weight. In this way, tailored products are a significant enabler to meet specified CAFE targets.